I know, I know. Does the world really need another blogger? Probably not. But this one will be different! (Said everyone who ever started a blog before.)

For real, this one will be different. In addition to whatever bizarre musings I spill out onto these pages, there will be a special focus on kidney¬†donation. (I bet you weren’t expecting that one. Curious? Check out my story.) Once every few days or maybe every week, I’ll post the story of either a living kidney donor, a kidney transplant recipient, or a caretaker. (Frequency depends on how many stories I get.) For more information, please visit the Kidney Donation section.

Like any creative work, I expect this blog to take a firmer shape as I get further into it. Or to fall apart completely. You never know with creative work. It does what it wants. Whatever happens, I’m glad you’ll be a part of it with me. Wait, where are you going…?

Also, I’m going to work on my parentheses problem. Not very hard, but I’m going to work on it.