Here it is, a mere few weeks after my random downtown encounter with a photographer, and I’m back at it. Being photographed, that is. And photographed well. Where were these people when I needed headshots?

Today’s credit goes to Robert Stoetzel, who operates the Instagram handle human_and_hound, (You should follow him and also visit the website.) The story is this: Two or three days a week, I walk a friend’s dog in part to help her out but also in part because I have a man-crush on the dog, whose name is Gus. A couple of weeks ago, Gus and I were in the park for his daily routine of sniffing the shit out of everything, playing keep-away with a dingy tennis ball and making me look like an ass who can’t control his dog, when Robert approached me and asked to photograph the two of us.

“He’s actually not my dog,” I said when he explained what the photograph was for.

Robert shrugged. “Meh, that’s fine.”

I’ll be honest, I felt a little guilty being in the picture instead of Gus’s owner, but then I also like to have my picture taken and posted publicly, and guilt only goes so far. Gus didn’t seem to care for the idea at first, but he settled himself just long enough to get this picture:

Me and Gus
photo credit Robert Stoetzel @human_and_hound

Pay no attention to the leash on the ground. That…was someone else’s. I would never let a dog off a leash in a public park. Honestly, what kind of savage do you think I am.

Thanks again to Robert and Human + Hound for another beautifully random experience in this city that, even after eleven years, never ceases to surprise me.