Joshua Gregory Cacopardo Wise. That’s a lot of names for one guy to have. But because I like you, I’ll let you call me Josh. You can thank me privately if you wish.

Since you’re curious to know about me, I’ll tell you I’m a writer, editor, book and music critic, mixologist, and a living kidney donor. I’m a lot of other things, too, but if you want to know what they are, we’re going to need a little liquor. And maybe a skee ball machine.

For nine years I worked in human resources at ad agencies in New York where I made inappropriate jokes and off-hand comments, which maybe explains why I’m not in HR anymore. (It doesn’t.) After being laid off for the fourth time to kick off 2016, I thought it time to try something new. So here I am.

I completed my M.F.A in creative writing at Fairfield University in 2014, and I’ve previously written for The Curator and Baeble Music. Currently, I write for Lantern Content Company, and I contribute essays and blog posts to various other online publications. From 2014 to 2015 I served as editor in chief of Mason’s Road in addition to serving as the prose editor for a concurrent portion of that time. But my real baby is the memoir I wrote in 2015, entitled Fall Risk, winner of the 2017 Top of the Mountain Book Award. The memoir tells of my unexpected experience donating a kidney to a friend. (We’re, like, really good friends now.)

I live in Brooklyn, New York, which is such a writer thing to say, but I’ve been here longer than many of them (eleven years), which is also a very writer thing to say. Apparently, I’m a cliche. It’s okay; we can all get past it if we work together.

If you want to know more, follow me on social media, send me an e-mail, or take me out to dinner. Lunch if you’re on a budget. Breakfast if…you know what, we’re done here.

Thanks for stopping by!